Here's a little secret I'm going to let you all in on..
There's a very simple, yet, effective way of sprucing up a romantic dish. You can do this with a love heart stencil, which can be used for a wide variety of food.
This is the simplest of techniques that would most definitely add that extra bit of thought and care into your loved one's breakfast!

You could also use the stencil to cut the toast into a love heart.. Or many other food items - this can also depend on the variety of different stencil sizes you have.

You could buy these stencils, or even give it a go at making them yourself!

Another type of love heart stencil would be tin foil - perfect for baking!
So what do you think about the idea of shaping your food into love hearts? Is it too cheesy or do you think it's a cute gesture?

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